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The LaRouche U.S. Presidential Campaign

Rolf Witzsche Sept. 9, 2003


From Aristotle to Perfidious Albion,

 one man defies them all. 

Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.
U.S. Presidential candidate, 2004



 Tolkien suggests that the 'ring of power' was born in ancient time. LaRouche would agree and point to Aristotle as possibly the greatest evil in distant times that defines man as a beast, reflected in Aristotle's theory of natural slavery, etc.. LaRouche would also point to Hobbes, Ortes, Malthus, Darwin, and Galton as the more modern champions of that beast-man insanity, followed in close step by Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Schmitt as the beast-man masters of the Hitler era. He would also point to Strauss as the modern disciples of the ancient evil, who, as he would point out, have taken root in America's political and financial institutions. LaRouche also speaks of Adam Smith, Locke, and others of that type, in much the same manner.

LaRouche regards the combined effect of this 'down draft' throughout history as having been the core detonator for the ongoing destruction of the American, and much of the global, economies, and also for the explosive insanity that got humanity boxed in, into all kinds traps of insanity, such as the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction for society's defense from one another. He points out that these factors have not only brought us to the brink of a world-wide economic collapse, but are also now threatening to end civilization, if not humanity as a whole. In other words, we are today in a Lord of the Ring type historic battle for the survival of civilization on a global scale, and possibly humanity itself.

LaRouche's political fight is to return society to a platform of sanity. This means, to return to such political and economic systems as correspond with the natural universal principles of economy that enable universal economic development. He embraces these as absolutely necessary for the rebuilding of the wealth of society and its physical and cultural support structures.

In order to reach this essential goal, LaRouche fights to reestablish the Renaissance ideal of a world of sovereign nation-state republics existing laterally as a community of principle - a community of nations joined and supporting one another on a platform of commonly recognized, universal, humanist principles.

LaRouche's fight is indeed a fight on the global scale, but not against men. It is a fight against the structures of the imperial fondi who have held humanity in their chock-grip for centuries upon centuries. These who wear the 'ring' of their evil master's creating; who have built their existence on successive platforms for looting society, dividing society, and destroying the human intellect that would stand in the way of their quest to subjugate the entire world as has been clearly stated in the 'end of history' doctrine and in the statement of goals by the Project for the New American Century" (PNAC).

In Tolkien's terms, Lyndon LaRouche fulfills the role of Gandalf who has demonstrated his sublimity in the mines of Moria. In Tolkien's saga, Gandalf the Sublime, plays a key role as he awakens the king of the society of men (Theoden), who has been boxed in by the 'theosophies' of evils carefully maintained by the media (by Grima Wormtonge).  Gandalf rescues society from that, and also from its boxed-in condition (at Helm's Deep) that it calls security. Society finds itself in countless boxed-in conditions of a similar type, that it isn't even trying to escape from. To achieve the necessary victory over the beast-men armies that have besieged society in its boxed in impotence, Gandalf marshals all the human resources of the entire world of men to the task of rescuing society, and wins.

LaRouche's goal is to rescue America (and the world) by a complete house cleaning within the American citadel of power, to cancel Saruman's reign. For this goal LaRouche is in a fight to actively develop the moral resources in humanity, all around the world, to help make this possible. His goal isn't to become President of the USA. He seeks the Presidency, because that step is necessary to complete the mission. In real term, the mission has begun decades ago when President Kennedy was killed and the integrity of law became demolished in the aftermath, out of which the Indochina War was launched. That was his turning point. Today, the world as a whole stands at a global turning point in history. As Tolkien points out, society has a grand opportunity to turn in a new direction and end the age old reign of evil. He points out too, that it could also fail and choose another epoch of dark ages by default.

Tolkien knew that the sublime Gandalf by himself cannot change the world. Society has a task to fulfill in the process to secure its civilization and its existence. Tolkien assigned Frodo that task as the representative of humanity as a whole. That task is nothing less than a mission for society to become sublime itself, in its attitude towards one another and in its recognition of the universal truth about its own nature, the 'divinity' of man, which the 'ring' of evil of the beast-man ideologies, denies with its promise of power that is empty and affords no power in real terms.

LaRouche aids the task that has been assigned to society, to become sublime. He supports society on this road with his international youth movement, which is also known as "The University on Wheels." It isn't the task, therefore, of this movement to exert political mass power. That wouldn't work anyway. The political effect of this youth movement is secondary. Its effect is guaranteed by the development of ideas in the realm of the sublime. That process has a chance to succeed.


Our Job is to Win the Nation Back to Safety
LaRouche, Aug. 30, 2003

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