LaRouche: The World at a Turning Point, 2003
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Our Job is to Win the Nation Back to Safety
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Our Job is to Win the Nation Back to Safety

August 30, 2003

The following is a copy of the transcript of the keynote address by Lyndon LaRouche to the annual Labor Day conference of the International Caucus of Labor Committees and Schiller Institute, titled

 "World at a Turning Point."

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Preceding to this address by Lyndon LaRouche were introductory remarks by moderator Nancy Spannaus in Virginia and Harley Schlanger in California. Schlanger introduced brief remarks by former U.S. Representative from California, Mervyn Dymally, following which Schiller Institute Vice Chairwoman Amelia Boynton Robinson introduced Lyndon LaRouche: "If you want to be free, and free at last, come and go with the great man, who will tell you the truth, and make you free--and free, indeed: Lyndon LaRouche."

Lyndon LaRouche

About seven years ago, there was an epidemic, of deregulation, which began to run like a rampage throughout the United States. The policy was to break up the energy system, the power organization of production and distribution, of electrical power, other power, which had been built up, in response to the collapse of the U.S. economy, under Coolidge and Hoover. Franklin Roosevelt led, as President, in restoring a system of regulation, which was an integral part of the economic recovery of the United States, from a Depression, where incomes had collapsed to about half of what they were in the 1920s. And, we went on, to become the greatest productive power on this planet, as a result of those and similar measures.

Then, about four years later, the impact of this deregulation, the separation of production of power from distribution; the lack of regulation of prices, led to the first panic in California, as the result of an energy crisis that summer. The following year, we had an artificial Presidency of sorts. You didn't quite know who was President. And looking back, you might say, that the Vice President was President, and the only thing that George Bush could manage was vice.

So, at that point, the severity of the effect of deregulation began to take hold. It's now reached the point that the state of California, has been looted of tens of billions of dollars, by the people behind deregulation. This looting occurred, in part, because the Vice President of the United States, who lived up to his reputation for vice, lied, and suppressed the reports which were available at that time, on the Williams' case, the Williams Power case. And therefore, the feeding went on.

It's now reached the point, that the same people, who were behind the policy, the same international financial forces, behind the policy, are now running a freak show, called Arnie Schwarzenegger, as the governor of California--and, he is a freak show. I compared him to a case of a film that was done, called "Nightmare Alley," which featured Tyrone Power--the younger Tyrone Power-- as an actor; in which this poor fellow degenerated, in the play, and went down to become what is called a "geek." From which the word "geek act" comes: Eating a live chicken, before an adoring crowd, for pay--the only thing he could still do. Now, we have a geek act, who I suggest, should make a re-make of "Nightmare Alley," in which he struggles, in the final scene, to eat a live turkey vulture, that's going to him. He's a big man: Give him a large bird!

But, this man's a freak. He acts, in films, each film: a freak. He did a film, called "Junior," in which he tried to portray the role of Ariel Sharon! If you don't believe it, look at the two! Compare the two! Compare the cuts, of Schwarzenegger, as Junior, and Ariel Sharon. You see who he's trying to live up to.

But, he's only a freak show. If he were elected, he would become dangerous, in the same way that Adolf Hitler became danger. He will not be dangerous, if you put him out of politics now, as we should have put Adolf Hitler out of politics, earlier. But, he is not the problem.

Now, I'm going to lay out a number of things to you, now, which are all relevant; which have to be put together, to understand what the problem is we face. It is obvious, that what's happening in California, is a fraud--the recall action is a fraud. Let's see the Three Stooges. hoto of Arnold Schwarzenegger posing between Warren Buffett and Lord Jacob Rothschild, at Rothschild's English estate.] All right, these are the Three Stooges--these are the re-make of the Three Stooges. And the quality is not improved, in the process: Warren Buffett, the so-called second richest man in the world; Arnie Schwarzenegger, the biggest sex freak in the world; and then, Jacob Rothschild. This is taken at his estate, Rothschild's estate in London, where a large meeting was occurring to decide on the fate of the world, among powerful financial forces.

This is where the Schwarzenegger campaign came from.

Now, what does realize. Now, go back--forget them for a moment. They are the Three Stooges. You've seen them before. You can see them on old TV, any time.

Where's this start? Well, let's take a step back. Let's go back to June of 1940. In June of 1940, Winston Churchill, who was then the Minister of Defense of the United Kingdom, expressed to Franklin Roosevelt, the President of the United States, a need for immediate assistance. Here you had the British troops at Dunkirk; the fear was, that they'd be overrun at Dunkirk; there'd be no British Army left to defend the United Kingdom. That Hitler would move in, in the United Kingdom, and the following scenario would occur--and, this was according to the discussions between Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt at that time:

At that moment, an organization, which is known to us as the Synarchist International--a terrorist organization, run by private merchant bankers, a syndicate, had put Hitler into power; had put Mussolini into power; had put Franco into power; had put Degrelle and so forth into power; had put the Iron Guard into place in Romania; and so forth and so on. And, they were now moving, by the occupation of France, to take over the French Navy, hopefully the British Navy; they already had an agreement with the Japan Navy: Their plan was, to England, to take the United Kingdom, into this fascist alliance--with the aid of the Laval and Vichy governments in France, which were already in the works, they were part of the Synarchist operation. And, to immediately eliminate the Soviet Union. And then, having this combination of navies, of the French, the German, the British, the Italian, and the Japanese Navy, they planned for an attack on the United States, which the Japanese carried out, in fact, on Dec. 7, 1941.

But, Roosevelt and Churchill, who did not like each other, who had opposite policies, but were both guided by certain motivations--on the side of Churchill, the motivation was, not to make the British Empire an appendage of a Nazi Europe. There were some very nasty people, like Lord Beaverbrook, who is, in a sense the den mother of the Murdoch press; the den mother of Conrad Black press (or the De-press, if you prefer to call them that). Lord Halifax, who was involved in the pro-Hitler plot. So, by a kind of coup inside the United Kingdom, these fellows--Lord Halifax was the ambassador to Washington; Beaverbrook became a part of the Churchill war machine, even though he had been a Nazi- lover, a Hitler-lover before then. And, because of national pride, or national impulses, the British pulled themselves together, with the cooperation of the United States.

And, the United States and Britain entered into an alliance among two people, who despised each other: Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. And that alliance went on to win World War II.

At the end of the war, or before the end of the war, once the Normandy invasion had succeeded, and the defeat of Hitler was in hand--not right to be taken at the moment, but in hand--as the German military, in July 944] planned a revolt against Hitler, in order to get peace; that is, the war was hopeless. But, some people, in Britain and elsewhere, betrayed the plotters in Germany, who were then wiped out by Hitler; and what, with the aid of a law, of the guy, who gave us Prof. Leo Strauss at the University of Chicago, Carl Schmitt--and therefore, the war took a little longer to get over.

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