LaRouche: The World at a Turning Point, 2003
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Our Job is to Win the Nation Back to Safety
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We can also, we hope, by coming to agreement in a great crisis, which is the times, that people make, usually, great decisions: We can say, "An end to this kind of conflict! An end to a Hobbesian world!" The time has come, to create what the United States has always been committed to, by its Founders, from the beginning: the establishment, around the United States, of a community of respectively sovereign nation-states on this planet, sovereign nation-states, which together form a community of principle.

The essence of this matter is--and, I'll take for a moment, this deeper question: Why a sovereign nation- state? It's very difficult to define a sovereign nation- state to most people in today's culture, because our culture is so decadent. In former times, when we had the semblance of a Classical culture in schools, before we had Hollywood, before you would have a Hollywood screen, which would feature so much of this Schwarzenegger on it: a freak show! Not drama: a freak show! Television: not drama: a freak show! hoto displays Schwarzenegger in "Junior," in which he becomes pregnant, flanked by Buffett and Lord Rothschild.] You have the fathers of the bride!

Our culture is so degenerate, our popular culture, that our people do not know what it is, that gave us the great culture that we did have; the great political institutions we did have. There is no longer Classical culture. People don't know what irony is. They don't know what poetry is. They don't know what great music is. They think "thump, thump, thump," like a bunch of chimpanzees in heat, is music! They think entertainment is one big rave dance. They think a political convention is a rave dance.

So, they don't understand, the difference between man and the beast. Just as a synarchist does not understand that. The idea of man, prior to Christianity, and prior actually to the Renaissance, the 15th-Century Renaissance, most people were treated as cattle. Either as hunted cattle--you go out and hunt them down, put their horns on your mantelpiece. Or, you herd them, like cattle. If you're nice to them, you put them in the stall, and feed them every night--and you only cull them when they stop giving milk! The way we're doing with our health-care program today: it's called a "culling process." Sometimes it's called "triage." In the animal kingdom, it's called "culling the flock," of people, who are not "useful" to you any more. Because, after all, "shareholder value" must be supreme.

So, in that kind of culture, where we don't accept the value of man, as man, not as a beast. And, the difference is, man's ability, which no beast has, to discover from the anomalies of sensual experience, to discover physical principles of the universe "out there"; to master these principles; to prove them experimentally; and apply them, to increasing the power of man to survive, the power of man to improve our conditions on this planet; and to take responsibility, for the management of this planet, for the benefit of all the people who live in it: That's man.

Therefore, the human individual is sacred. This quality, that we have, of being able to discover principles; to transmit them to others; to transmit them from generation to generation: That is humanity. That is culture. Now, this culture is associated, in every case, with what is called a "language-culture." People have a language, in which the legacy of the ironies of the past, their Classical art, and so forth, are transmitted in terms of that culture, their language-culture. Not in the dictionary reading of the language. But, in the usage of the language, with its characteristic, artistic ironies.

Therefore, if we're going to have self-government, it has to be a self-government by the people, not just for the people. It must involve the participation of the people, in understanding, and agreeing upon the policy deliberations which are made. That can only be done, in terms of the culture of the people. And changes can occur, only by strengthening, and improving, and developing the culture of the people.

Therefore, to have a community of nations, rather than a collection of cattle, roaming around the planet, without national identity or whatnot; in order to have that, you have to protect the people as being sovereign in their own decisions; their own policy decisions, as a people. Then, you have sovereignty. Otherwise, you have a capricious situation, where the nation does not know what a principle is, and therefore, they're easily moved, in the short-term, by sudden impulses, by sudden fads; crazy ideas--like the idea that Arnie Schwarzenegger is human, or something like that. Crazy ideas.

And therefore, you have to have a people that has moral character. And moral character is not a set of dos or don'ts. Moral character is the understanding, that we are not beasts, we are not animals: that's number 1. That the other fellow next to you, is not a beast; he's not a animal, number 2. And that the transmission of culture, and the cooperation in terms of the culture, is what makes us human. And therefore, you have a moral sense, which is derived from the root of the conception, of the difference between man and beast.

Therefore, if we try to build any system of government on this planet, which does not recognize that, does not recognize the importance of the sovereignty of the nation, in terms of its choice of culture, and the participation of its people in its culture, we will create a monster which will fail us.

The time has come, because of the great troubles that the world faces--the troubles from the United States, the threats from the United States, from Cheney and so forth--the time has come to change that. The time has come, to recognize, in a time of trouble, we need each other.

The time has come to make real, on an international scale, the agreement which ended the great religious war of thirty years, of 1618 to 1648, the principle of "the advantage of the other," which is the only thing that brought peace under those conditions. We must recognize the importance, of the "advantage of the other nation"! And ask them to do the same for us. The advantage of the other; not competition against the other, but the advantage of the other. We are one human species. Not different species. We must live together on this planet.

But we must live as human, in terms of human cultures, in terms of cooperation of human cultures, and compassion and love, for people of a different culture. And say to them: "What should we do for you? And, we will tell you, what we would like to have you do for us."

We can live on this planet. Yes, we will probably still need strategic defense capabilities, for some time to come. But, the time has come, in this time of crisis, to come to that point--which means we must stop treating ourselves as beasts. As we are treating ourselves as beasts, with deregulation, by this kind of destruction. We're treating ourselves as beasts, by the idea of shareholder value: That somebody owns us! That the Three Stooges own us! And therefore, we have to obey their rules, because they own us! They own our indebtedness, which they created!

And, what you're seeing in California, with deregulation: the rape of the United States, the rape of California, by the Three Stooges, for which this freak show, Arnie Schwarzenegger, is working.

Are we going to continue to submit to that? Think! Think where we are: We are on the edge of nuclear war, of a new kind, throughout this planet. Not this year; perhaps not next year. But, already, nations in Asia, are thinking in terms of new methods of warfare, by which they could constrain a nuclear threat from the United States! It would be several years, before they are ready to do that. But, probably, in the middle of the next Presidency of the United States (if it should happen), the danger point will come, for war! For nuclear war, of an asymmetric type, of the type that nobody in Washington, right now, is thinking about.

And, that I have confirmed. That is exactly what the situation is, right now. That's what governments, which are capable, are thinking about! Now! And doing something about--now!

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- Rolf Witzsche
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