LaRouche: The World at a Turning Point, 2003
from the LaRouche in 2004 Campaign

Our Job is to Win the Nation Back to Safety
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If we wish to avoid that, then we'd better make sure, that what Cheney represents, inside the United States is out of power! We must understand, that we can not submit to the Synarchist International, any more! We must understand, that we must show at least as much courage, as Roosevelt and Churchill did, in stopping what would have otherwise become, a world takeover by Adolf Hitler and his type.

Now, my job in this, is rather significant, even though it's sort of a funny situation to be in. I'm on the inside; I can tell you that.

We're in a situation, where we're not only facing a war, but the problem we have, the problem the American people have, is, in a sense, largely of their own making: When the American people voted for deregulation. They were crazy! They were stupid! Just absolutely no reason to do so! But, they were stampeded into it, because, over the period, since the assassination of Kennedy and the start of the Indochina War, and the missile crisis before then, they became stampeded into new values: They ran away from productive society, from technology; and ran into the idea of consumer society, of the "now society," the "me society," the "pleasure society," the consumer society--as opposed to productive society.

And therefore, they voted for this stuff! Everybody in California, who could vote, at the relevant moment, voted for deregulation! No one is innocent! They're all guilty!

But, should they die, because they're guilty? Are we going to say, "consequences," like George Bush with Death Row in Texas? "Consequences," therefore, you die?

No. They made a mistake. The cultural trend, in the United States, over the past 40 years, has been a mistake. What is treated as generally accepted popular opinion, is wrong! And this is only an example of it.

Therefore, the time has come, where the survival of the people in the United States demands that they change the way they've been behaving! Especially their political behavior! They've got to come to their senses, in time to be saved!

Now, it's the characteristic of people, up to this point, that people generally don't come to their senses, willingly. They come to their senses, when they're frightened. When the pants are scared off them.

But, that's not enough: There has to be the sublime element, as Schiller points out. Someone, or some people, must stand up as leaders, and confront the people; and say, "You fools! Stop being fools--or you'll die! You can live, but you've got to give up your stupid ways. You've got to give up that, in you, which allowed you, to tolerate deregulation. You've got to give up that in you, which resists taking immediate, emergency action, to re-regulate the entire U.S. economy. Because we won't survive, unless we do that."

So therefore, someone has to be the maverick. Someone has to violate all the rules of good courtesy, in the existing society, because the society's rules stink! Because the society stinks! And, when a society stinks in its behavior, there's something wrong with the basic assumptions, which are popularly accepted.

So, there's no leader for a time of crisis, who's one bit damn good, unless he's going to take on the people, and point out their corruption, in themselves, and tell them to change it! Whether they like it or not. That's what Franklin Roosevelt did. That's what every capable leader has done. That's what Abraham Lincoln did. That's what Benjamin Franklin did. That's what Cotton Mather tried to do. There is no such thing as "democratic consensus," "the expression of the consensus." When people become stupid, the consensus is their worst enemy!

And, at that time, someone has to step up, and say to them: "You've been wrong! Change it. Change it." Don't worry about hurting their feelings. Better you should hurt their feelings, than let them die. Or let them kill each other.

And, we're at that time. And therefore, my situation, and that of some other people, who more and more are tending to work around me, with some degree of reluctance--because they get upset by what I do: I tell the truth. And they say, "Can't you, sort of, soften it up a bit?" I say, "No. It won't do any good." You've got to confront the people, with the fact that this is the truth. Don't try to influence, through appeals to public opinion. Public opinion is what is wrong! But, you've got a situation, in which the public is capable of recognizing, that its opinion is wrong. And the California case, is a case in point.

So, what we have, overall, strategically, is the following: We have a so-called election campaign going on, now, in the United States. And, I can't find a rival anywhere! pplause]

People say, "Well, what will you do, if you're elected?" I look at them. I say: "Do you know what world you're living in now? The question is: Are we going to get to the next election?!"

For example, you've got a case for disorder: Suppose, by some chance, that they elect a monkey, Arnie Schwarzenegger, the governor of California. What's the effect? You're going to have a fascist movement throughout the United States--run by the Three Stooges, or people like that. You think you'll get the United States back? You know that the way California goes, will determine the way the nation goes, in the 2004 elections? If California is not on the Democratic Party side, or is not in the camp of sanity, who do you think can win an election, in an honest election, inside the United States?

No, every citizen of the United States has to be concerned, about what's going on in California in these weeks, between now and Oct. 7. The have to be concerned about it! Otherwise, you may have no United States, implicitly, after Oct. 8. That could happen! I don't think Arnie Schwarzenegger's going to make it. I think we're going to damage him enough. I can not assure you we're going to win, the case in California. But, I can assure you, that the only chance we have, is to stage the kind of fight, which will moralize the nation to fight. You know, I say, "You can often lose a battle, in warfare. But, you don't say, `Let the battle decide the outcome of the war.'" But, if you have not lose the confidence of the people, or if you've mobilized the confidence of the people, you'll find a new way to fight. You will find new options, as every great commander in warfare does.

The point is, is: If we sit back, and were to sit back, and let it happen in California, without the kind of challenge, which will shake the enemy in his boots, we don't have a chance. Therefore, we must fight. We must fight to turn back this threat. And, what is at stake, is not California. What is at stake is Washington. What is at stake, is the world, because of the danger of nuclear war, if something like Cheney continues to control Washington.

That's the situation we face. We are now in a situation, which is comparable to that, of the conversation between Churchill and Roosevelt, in June of 1940. It's that serious: The fate of the world, depends upon those of us, who will take on that fight now, with that understanding, and that determination.

Our job is not to win the next election: Our job is to win the nation, back to safety. And, if we win the nation back to safety, in these months ahead, starting with the three-month period of crisis immediately ahead of us, then we will have the forces mobilized, to carry the next election! To transform this country--and to transform the world, which is waiting for us to do something decent about the world situation today.

So therefore, the next election is not the thing to worry about. The question is, are you going to be in a position, to win the next election? Are you going to be able to carry the nation, and its people, and mobilize them, to make sure that we're going to bring back the Democratic Party--as Mervyn has emphasized? Bring it back! Re-create it! Use the Franklin Roosevelt model. Re-create the Democratic Party, the way he sort of brought it back out of the grave, back then.

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- Rolf Witzsche
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