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Martinist Beast-men

source LaRouche org.
Saturday, October 7- 11, 2003 


``So who is this inexplicable being who, when there are so many
pleasant, lucrative, honest, and even honorable professions in
which he could exercise his strength or dexterity to choose
among, has chosen that of torturing and putting to death his own
kind? ...He is created as a law on to himself. Consider how he is
viewed by public opinion, and try to conceive, if you can, how he
could ignore this opinion or confront it. Hardly has the
authorities assigned him to his proper dwelling-place, scarcely
has he taken possession of it, when others remove their homes
elsewhere so they no longer have to see his. In the midst of this
desolation, and in this kind of vacuum formed around him, he
lives alone with his female and his offspring, who acquaint him
with the sound of the human voice. Without them he would hear
nothing but shrieks of agony.

``A dismal signal is given. One of the lowest menials of
justice knocks at his door and tells him that his services are
needed. He goes. He arrives in a public square where people are
crowded together with faces of expectancy. A poisoner, a
parricide, a man who has committed a sacrilege, is flung at his
feet. He seizes the man, stretches him, ties him to a cross,
which is lying on the ground, raises his arms, and there is a
terrible silence. It is broken only by the sound of the crushing
of bones under the blows of the iron mace, and the screams of the
victim. He unbinds the man, he carries him to the wheel; the
broken limbs are twined round the spokes and the head hangs down;
the hair stands on end and from the mouth -- open like the door
of a glowing furnace -- there come at intervals only a few broken
syllables of entreaty for death.

``The executioner has finished his task; his heart is
beating, but it is with pleasure; he is satisfied with his work.
He says in his heart: `No man breaks on the wheel better than I.'
He comes down from the scaffold and holds out his bloody hand,
into which, from a distance, an official flings a few gold
pieces. The executioner carries them off between two rows of
human beings who shrink from him with horror.

``He sits down to table and eats, he goes to bed and sleeps,
but when he awakes next morning, his thoughts run on everything
but his occupation of the day before. Is he a man? Yes. God
allows him to enter his shrines and accepts his prayers. He is no
criminal, and yet no human language dares to call him, for
instance, virtuous, honorable, or estimable.... Nevertheless, all
greatness, all power, all social order depends upon the
executioner; he is the terror of human society and the tie that
holds it together. Take away this incomprehensible force from the
world, and at that very moment, order is superseded by chaos,
thrones fall, society disappears. God, who is the source of the
power of the ruler, is also the source of punishment. He has
suspended our world upon these two poles, `for the Lord is the
lord of the twin poles, and round them he sets the world
- ---------- -

No, this is not the story line from the latest Arnold
Schwarzenegger movie (although it could be). This is an excerpt
from Joseph de Maistre's 1821 {St. Petersburg Dialogues}. De
Maistre's Satanic writings
(he was part of the Lyon Martinist
Lodge that ran the Jacobin Terror)
were studied by Napoleon
Bonaparte, and they inspired the first modern fascist's ravaging
of continental Europe. Later, Synarchist founder St. Yves
d'Aveidre based his own ``Beast-man'' writings on de Maistre.
This is the phenomenon that has been unleashed in California, with
the Schwarzenegger election, and in Washington, with the
Cheney-Sharon ``Beast-man'' axis, now driving the Mideast region
to general war, to be culminated with an Israeli nuclear bomb
attack on Iran.

As Lyndon LaRouche observed, we do have the words, straight
from Schwarzenegger's mouth, about his warm feelings for
Adolph Hitler, his support for racist apartheid in South Africa,
etc. But you don't need to hear those words to understand that
Arnie is a fascist ``Beast-man.'' The same is true of Vice
President Dick Cheney, who probably never got so hopped up on
steroids and pot that he waxed eloquent on the virtues of Der
Fuehrer. Regardless of whether the Vice President has warm and
fuzzy feelings about Hitler, Cheney, too, is a ``Beast-man''
who believes he can move the world by snarls and lies.

Source: The Times, Oct. 7/2003 from MAIN EDITORIAL


In words unheard of in the press outside the LaRouche 
campaign versus Arnold Schwarzenegger, William Rees-Mogg,
chief commentator of the London {Times}, wrote that a
"more immediate issue" than Tony Blair's fate "is that Arnold
Schwarzenegger is asking the people of California to trust him in
tomorrow's vote. They would be foolish to do so.... If I were a
Californian, I would vote tomorrow against the recall of the
Democratic Governor Gray Davis.... If I were a Californian, I
would vote for a governor I did not trust, belonging to a party
to which I would not belong, rather than vote to elect Mr.
Schwarzenegger as governor in his place."

Arnie's past remarks on Hitler do not worry him, Rees-Mogg
wrote. "What worries me is that Arnold Schwarzenegger is relying
on the appeal of fascism, whether or not he is personally a
fascist." Arnie's campaign exists outside reality, in the "world
of celebrity and sensation. The politics of mass emotion are the
politics of fascism," he added.

"The core of all fascist movements is the direct
relationship between the leader and the masses, not mediated
through institutions of democracy. What does the leader do? He
provides leadership. What allows him to provide leadership? The
strength of his will. What is the evidence of the leader's will?
The exciting feeling he creates of ultimate ruthlessness. How does
Arnold Schwarzenegger demonstrate this ruthlessness? By having
played a machine -- not even a man -- which killed hundreds of

The California recall move, Rees-Mogg wrote, has provoked
"straight conflict between the democratic principle and the
Fuehrer Prinzip [leadership principle], the issue of 1933."

(Rolf Witzsche - observation - Oct.12/2003)

Mr. Rees Mogg points out in the London Times a rarely recognized phenomenon, namely that the primary beast-man is society itself who embraces the fascist ideal by voting for it, or in the case of the medieval executioner, condones the treatment of a human being in a manner that tears to shreds the very image of man and makes a public spectacle of it.

The Martinist 'executioner' was hailed in Hitler's world, and always will be hailed wherever force and brutality displace humanity in the human heart and set aside the development of culture and civilization. It makes little difference in this process whether the execution is done with a mace, with a pen, or on the silver screen. 

In this manner society commits suicide. Every society in history that went the route of force and brutality, rather than humanist and cultural development, has committed suicide. In the case of Germany, the self-destruction was achieved in the short time span of a dozen years, from which the nation may not fully recover for a long time yet to come. The state of Israel has likewise embarked on a course of force and brutality, which tragically, it cannot survive, nor recover from, easily. The greatest tragedy, however, is that America has chosen this course as well, towards its self-destruction, which once stood as a beacon of hope for all mankind. If that becomes lost, humanity looses "a pearl of great price."